Questions are like picks used to open locks in consciousness.  There is so much to convey and explore. Direction remains an obstacle. When there are no splinters the illusion is complete. Stationary.

Staring at blank pages or mindlessly posting without focus on this exercise in understanding serves little purpose. Blogs are easy to set-up and offer the potential to begin establishing interest. Freedom to hide ‘Easter Egg’ blogs or other media in orphan folders where only those with a direct link can go creates a Schrodinger’s files situation where the people looking believe they are there. Observation happens and history is made. Literally. The files are there.

Fred Edison moves. From one idea to the next Fred Edison does not stand firm, but instead moves and expands. Edison Modular architecture is mirrored after designs in nature to create a digital environment for natural, not artificial, intelligence to plant seeds in fertile soil across digital lands.

“This journey of understanding has brought me to this point.”

– Captain Obvious


Visit to come to a better understanding of how the architecture works.


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