What is .fred?

.fred is a protocol designed to control three wire addressable LEDs using a Fred Edison Wireless LED controller. Supported addressable lights include ws2811, ws2812, ws2812b, and sk6812.

.fred adjusts to match any RGB or RGBW color sequence and transmission frequency. 

.fred makes easy work of controlling individual pixels along a string, or groups of pixels potentially set across multiple strings.

.fred has been designed using the ESP8266 series of WiFi development boards. These widely available mass produced chips have 4MB of flash memory and eight data ports. 

.fred controllers dedicate four ports to controlling LEDs and four ports to monitoring mechanical on/off switches. This allows the .fred firmware running on the ESP8266 to turn lights on or off with the flick of a switch, just light a regular light. When a switch is turned on or off the strip or strips associated with that switch are either set to off or a predefined configuration like white at 50% brightness.