Component Automation System

Fred Edison creates a better, faster and significantly cheaper path to home and industrial automation.

All of our home and industrial circuit boards are designed to fit into standard plastic single or double gang electric box. An assortment of  add-on single and double size boards connect with a 4cm RJ45


  1. V++ 12V
  2. V++ 5V
  3. V++3.3V
  4. D1
  5. D2
  6. D3
  7. D4
  8. Gnd

Boards fit into two categories

  1. Power Module- Connects directly to 110V AC and uses an integrated converter.
  2. Accessory – Designed to perform specific tasks connected to Fred Edison power module.

Currently we have two Fred Edison power modules available.



.fred – Our flagship power module 12V5W

  • Control 4 strings of addressable LEDs
  • Monitors 4 manual switches
  • ESP8266 architecture
    • WiFi
    • 4MB Flash memory
    • single 12V 5W DC power converter
  • 4 switches
  • 4 .fred ports
  • RJ45 4 accessory plug



Plant Four 12V10W

  • ESP32 architecture
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • 4MB
    • Dual 12V5W converters
  • Monitors four disposable soil moisture sensors
  • Monitors one analog sensor
  • Controls one 110V 10A switch
  • Controls  four DC 12V devices
  • RJ45 plug with power and four data pins



Switch Plates

Half size (45mm x 102mm)

  • One 110V 20A switches
  • Two 110V 5A switches

Full size (98mm x 100mm)

  • One 110V 40A switch
  • Two 110V 20A switches
  • Four 110V 5A switches
  • Eight 110V 1A switches


Half size (45mm x 102mm)

  • Bottom mounted motion sensor for use without faceplate

Full size (98mm x 100mm)