Introducing the Fred circuit board. Designed to control up to four strings of 5V addressable LEDs over WiFi.

Unlike other WiFi LED controllers, Fred is not a pattern generator. Every pixel is individually controlled, not set based on a calculation.

The Fred beta V1 controller connects an Amica V2 NodeMCU ESP8266 to a bi-directional logic level shifter to allow the 3.3V ESP talk to addessable 5V LEDs. The resistors help eliminate noise in the data lines. It’s a simple prototype and it does the job. Fred beta V1 is the proof of concept that justified the new and improved Fred beta V2.


The revised Fred beta V2 has already been shipped from PCBway. I’ll assembled pictures up just as soon as I have everything I need to solder it together.

Revisions and additions to Fred beta V2:

  1. Compatible with both 5V and 12V addressable LEDs
  2. Accommodates both NodeMCU V2 and V3 (Amica & LoLin)
  3. Terminal ports match the order of addressable LEDs, (+/data/-)
  4. 3mm LED power indicator
  5. Accepts two sizes of logic shifter.
  6. Mounts in a box
Part NameDescriptionQntyOrder Link
Fred beta V2WiFi addressable LED controller1PCBway
Small project control box110*65*28mm plastic junction box1Ali Express - Amazon
ESH108M025AH4AA1000uF 25V electrolytic Capacitor1Ali Express - Amazon
ESS106M025AB2AA10uF 25V electrolytic Capacitor1Ali Express - Amazon
1N4004Rectifier diode Vr/400V Io/1A T/R1Ali Express - Amazon
CON-SOCJ-2155power jack1Ali Express - Amazon
LTL-1CHEE3mm led1Ali Express - Amazon
MF0207FTE52-330R330 ohm Resistors5Ali Express - Amazon
1408slide switch SPDT 2.54mm pitch1Ali Express - Amazon
MC7805ACTG5V linear regulator1Ali Express - Amazon
NODEMCUV2ESP8266 Development board1*Ali Express - Amazon
NODEMCUV3ESP8266 Development board1*Ali Express - Amazon
120093.3V to 5V bi-directional level shifter1Ali Express - Amazon
30.702Fixed Terminal Blocks AK500/21Ali Express - Amazon
30.703Fixed Terminal Blocks AK500/34Ali Express - Amazon
Single row pin header1x15-15P female header4Ali Express - Amazon
Single row pin header1x6-6P single row 6 pin female header1Ali Express - Amazon
Double row pin header2x6-12P female header1Ali Express - Amazon