Call me .fred

Fred Edison is a start-up modular tech company based in British Columbia, Canada. The products we have in development are built to be helpful globally.

While we are not ready to launch the product that we have developing over three years, we are ready to embrace the principals that it is built on. Free sharing of knowledge with the intention of being helpful to all.

Fred Rogers said that in times of need we should look for the helpers. With a global pandemic unfolding quickly it is time for the helpers to be visible.

The ‘Helper’ T Shirt is an sign to anyone in need of assistance that the wearer is there to offer meaningful help in whatever capacity they are able. Proceeds will be distributed transparently in India to support developers creating free technology that can be helpful right now.

India does not offer the same kinds of social safety nets that are available to people in many other parts of the world. This is the small way we have decided to focus and help our neighbours.

Everything Fred Edison is involved in is released freely into the public domain. That is a promise. We will continue to expand the platform designed to that end. Our model and membership relies on simplicity and transparency.

Immediately, right now, we would like to be able to identify .fred all over the world. Profits from the Fred Edison Helper campaign will be paid out at a maximum rate of $500 USD monthly per full time developer verified to live in India.

Developers in India are paid through our first office in Punjab. Freelance work from foreign sources is not considered a reliable source of income by banks and institutions in India regardless of scope or longevity. By hiring developers through our office in India we are able to attract talent that might not be able to afford the financial risks involved in international freelance work.

Fred Edison intends to offer financial stability to people around the world just for being helpful.

This is just the beginning.